Craplets and responsive advertisng

On April 5th WSJ’s Mossberg slams Windows PC’s [subscription reqd] as coming with ‘craplets’ – or trial software that is crippled. He received massive feedback, and responded on the 12th of April with a follow-up article suggesting a variety of cures, including the ultimate of getting a mac instead.

“So, even my year-old Mac laptop reboots roughly three times as fast as my three-week-old Sony”

On the 14th of April, just 9 days after the first article, Apple releases a new ad, slamming craplets.  A screenshot says it all.

says it all....

Watch the ad

Apple are showing once again how they get the modern way of advertising. It’s about being aware of what you are, what your (potential) customers are  experiencing, and responding with a timely, accurate and succinct message. Timely these days is a lot faster than it used to be…

Since C4 started carrying the Daily Show I’ve now actually started seeing Apple ads on TV, but they seem to have some weird resolution issues and are old. Watching Apple’s advertising online is so much more rewarding

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2 replies on “Craplets and responsive advertisng”

  1. These mac ads are shown on regular TV in NZ I believe. Unless I’m spending so much time on the PC _whilst_ in front of the TV that I’m mistaking what is on which screen? ;)

    This anti-Windows cripple-ware mac advert confuses me though. My primary-use machine is a macbook, and the occasions when I boot it into OSX (instead of linux) I’m invariably annoyed by the cripple-ware that is Quicktime…

    If you want to run something full screen you’re informed you need to fork-out for the costly pro-version. Given that is one of the main apps an OSX user would utilise and full-screen is an essential feature of a video player, the ad is just slightly hypocritical.

    I’m sure the ads are working, I’m just not sure they’re truthful.


  2. @Thomas: Quicktime isn’t trialware like the ad states – but I do agree that it does suck without full screen. Try installing This script instead.

    Now on to the ad. I love my Masc but they are lying if they think that Macs don’t come with TrialWare. MS Office and iWork are both installed as trial versions on every new Mac. Not quite as bad as most trialware but it still sucks.


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