Ferrit – ‘quality not quantity’

A puff piece or PR – I’m not sure as this piece on Ferrit is hidden behind theline’s rather pricey subscription wall. You can Google the first phrase and see evidence, but no – I’m not going to link to a subscription wall.

“Ferrit focusing on quality, not quantity
Paul Clearwater

Ferrit still has over 100 retailers on its website, but it is concentrating on quality over quantity more than it did before.

General manager Ralph Brayham says the company is “far more discerning” about retailers than before. “We’re looking for high quality and high performing retailers … and for products that consumers want everyday.”

One can read between some rather large lines here, and ask is Ferrit losing retailers?

“Due to confidentiality agreements, Ferrit will not discuss retailers’ performances on the website, but Brayham says movies are the fastest growing category on the website, while consumer electronics, books and clothing are solid performers”

DVD’s are GamePlanet, NZInternet Store and Whitcoulls. The current winter sale deals are 20% off GamePlanet CD’s and 20% of Whitcoulls DVDs – both good deals.

Published by Lance Wiggs