NetRatings abandons Pageviews..

..well at least in Australia. It seems that Netratings has woken up to the reality of Web 2.0 and videos, and will use time on at site as their principal measure. That’s fair, as far as I am concerned, and something I’ve advocated for a while. We shuuld remember that NetRatings is not dominant in Australia, as they are here in NZ.

Apparently this comes to NZ, and hopefully then it will eventually encourage NZHerald to abandon their abominable but statistically friendly multi page article strategy.  Of course with that same sort of advertiser-driven statistics-first approach we could expect them to make the site fiendishly difficult to navigate, thus promoting time on site.

Unfortunately this still does not solve for measuring people like me – as I typically have anything from 10 to 50 websites open at once (in tabs, multiple windows and multiple browsers). It also doen’t solve for those using RSS feeds and the like. But it is at least a step in the right direction.

Published by Lance Wiggs