I’m becoming addicted to Dave Moore’s Drivetalk. I’ll let Dave’s resume speak for itself:

“Dave Moore is Motoring Editor for The Press and The Dominion Post and blogs for Stuff on all things automotive. His words also appear regularly in other Fairfax titles, including NZ Autocar, and he can be heard every week on NewstalkZB. He is the current Qantas Transport Columnist and Transport Feature Writer of the Year. “

He’s also a very good bloke, and yes, a very good writer. Although I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, there are some excellent posts.

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One reply on “Drivetalk”

  1. Dave is a bloody great motoring writer, uncorruptable and a hell of a nice guy. But Geez, he needs to get hard on these Euro Cars in terms of expected reliability. Sure they are gorgeous and colourful and fun. But being a previous owner of Fiats, Peugeots and Alfas, I also know that they are about as reliable as Lance Wigg’s fashion sense.

    We had a 05 206 GTI which never just had one thing wrong with it, it always had a list that could fill a 2 Terrabyte USB drive. Similarly an Alfa 156 which was off the road more than it was on the road in the 12 months we owned it. And don’t start me on Landrovers. If you’re looking for an extended list of woes on these and others just check out the Dog and Lemon Guide.

    When the new offerings from these fine marques get tested, I think every reviewer should flag the fact that they don’t have a track history of reliability. To be honest this same comment could be made of many current reviwers.

    With all of that said, Dave’s current crop of reviews at is the most useful collection of free car reviews on the NZ web.


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