The best form of imitation: and

Fairfax NZ’s site has been subsumed into the Stuff site. It’s all about making sure the traffic goes to one place (Stuff), and beating the total traffic and visitors at NZHerald. I was inside Fairfax Digital at the time, and felt the team did a great job with the design, and it is sad […]

NZ Magazine Readership numbers

The Roy Morgan newspaper and magazine readership numbers are out. I created some charts to read the Magazine numbers better – so here they are. They show the differences between 2007/8 and 2008/9 readership numbers. Click on the images for larger versions. Check out the Newspaper readership charts post as well. It’s a sea of […]

Stuff – remove the TVNZ video on Bridget Saunders

I’d heard about the Close Up interview with Fairfax’s recently departed Sunday Star Times About Town gossip columnist Bridget Saunders. It looked like it was a bit of a hit-job. The last place I would have thought to see it was on Fairfax owned Stuff. I found the link to the video from the homepage […]

eBay should buy Trade Me, but they won’t

Apparently rumours are circulating about Trade Me and eBay – not that I heard about them until just now. Mod has squashed them anyway, but oh what fun.¬† The problem is that eBay traditionally purchases auction sites, then brings over the content to their own site and use their own model. They struggle to see […]

Deliver newspapers only on Thu, Fri & Sun?

Gannett’s Detroit Free Press and Detroit News are apparently thinking of home delivering only on Thursday, Friday and Sundays – the three most lucrative days. On other days readers will be able to buy abbreviated single issues at news-stands, and will be directed to the online offerings. The idea is to get say 70% of […]

Trade Me has added at least $3 billion to the NZ economy

A persistent, err, troll over at Bernard Hickey’s blog post on Trade Me and Australia asks an interesting question:¬† “How is Trade Me a productive NZ asset? The answer requires just a little bit of economics, and it is really quite amazing. First – Trade Me sold for $750m, and the money was paid to […]

New site TheVine shows what really interests “18-29s”

Fairfax Digital Australia and youth publisher LifeLounge have launched a new site:, “aimed at 18-29 year olds”. Now like everyone I’d hate to be in a “target market” and I suspect, like “young adult literature”, the real target is somewhat younger, although the design of the site is pretty placid: The surefire killer sign […]

Real Estate is falling – what happens next?

The housing crash is cascading around the world, and the dire predictions are coming true. Here’s the latest chart from The Economist – check out Ireland on the bottom. That’s a crash, not a “balanced slump”. Meanwhile Trade Me just surpassed 70,000 property listings, on the back of signing up one of the last few […]