Why Xero exists….

Here’s a review of MYOB on Apple’s Australian store. Now it may have been a shill, but there are still the 101/111 people that “found the review useful”.

This has to be the worst software system that I have ever used, how it could be for a mac I’ll never know. Totally scatterbrained layout with infinite overlapping windows, and virtually no flow. The Human-factors interface appears nice and neat on the surface and then fails completely. The User guide is incomplete, tech support is outrageous, Tutorials must be purchased online. I feel completely used, and I’m selling my software online just as soon as I can. Even trying to register the software was a event. I didn’t buy an inexpensive small business software program to spent 4 times the amount to learn how to use it. This software may appear to be great when someone tells you what it can do, but if you cant even set it up you’ll never use it. I would avoid this software at all costs..

and another, from Amazon

I’ve used MYOB AccountEdge (version 4, release 7.50, for Macintosh) for nearly 18 months. Buying this software was one of my worst mistakes….

along with a note of warning from a otherwise happy customer:

MYOB has a great product here that has the opportunity to rule the SOHO Macintosh space. Unfortunately, their inability to provide customer support limits their growth potential.

just look at how ugly and how unintuitive this is…

Message to Xero – hurry up already…..

[update Xero General release press release]

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  1. We use MYOB multi user (which enables multiple copies of a datafile to be open at any one time)

    MYOB support tell us they do not in fact provide support for this product when used across a network


    I’ve been using MYOB for over a decade and across half a dozen different businesses in varied industries – the one constant is tht MYOB sucks.

    I can honestly say that whoever comes to market with a product that does what MYOB does but properly and online will absolutely clean up in, at lest, the australasian market

    I would (very nearly) give my first born (and maybe second for that matter) if I thought it would speed up Xero getting to a point where we could seamlssly migrate from MYOB to it – I would then personally take my multitude of MYOB install disks and burn them in front of the MYOB development centre – yes I feel that strongly – I use the stuff many hours a wek and it is truly truly awful


  2. i have been using myob for a few years now, the pc version, not the mac version, so i guess i am used to overlapping windows in most apps. i have never used their tech support so i can’t comment on that.

    i do agree that it is quite klunky to use, but it gets the job done and it was fairly cheap. one thing i have noticed is that each version doesn’t change much. i went from version 12 to 16 and apart from new graphics on the icons (which i think are worse by the way), i am not sure what else has changed

    if xero has a native myob importer, i think that would be a great start, although sometimes it is better to start from scratch, rather then taking the old baggage with you

    i wonder what happens to xero data when you stop paying the bill, can you download your data ?


  3. What timing with the blog post…

    I had purchased MYOB for the PC a couple of months ago and finally got around to registering it today. For some reason you have to put a serial number in and your company name and it then generates a ‘company number’. The online activation failed to work so I tried the automated phone activation. Again it failed with the response “sorry an error has occurred”. It read out a phone number once and the hung up on me. Yeah thanks, great service.

    I then called their customer service number but they were closed. WTF? This is software for small businesses where people often run their companies at all hours. MYOB is also a reasonably large publicly traded company. How hard can it be to provide basic customer service after hours?

    If Xero gets its pricing and product right they will have a good chance of succeeding and MYOB will have no idea of how to respond. I just don’t think they get simplicity or service.


  4. I’m plugging Xero as the best accounting package for Linux users right now. And no, I don’t have shares.


  5. If Xero gets its pricing and product right they will have a good chance of succeeding and MYOB will have no idea of how to respond.

    I think that MYOB will be caught by surprise from XERO. I agree that MYOB, might be left standing still, while XERO is accelerating forward.


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