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Paying our tax – step 1 of 10 complete

It’s great to see that NZ Customs has introduced a website, WhatsMyDuty? to help us calculate how much GST (and other duties) we owe when importing goods. That includes ebooks, it seems: I’d assumed eBooks were duty free, but it’s … Continue reading

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Where does the NZ Government get money?

I am doing some work after the previous post on tax spend, and here are a few top line results so far. I want to end up with  spreadsheet, as Rowan did a couple of years back, where you can … Continue reading

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Show me the receipt please

This is a great idea – from 3rd Way and via npr. Taxpayers would receive a receipt for their tax detailing where there money was spent. A person earning $34,140 would get something like this (minus the red notes) And … Continue reading

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Governance of tax issues for directors

I’ve just run across this nice cheat sheet by the ATO – a tax governance guide for directors of large companies. It’s got some handy hints for directors of smaller companies as well. I maintain that at least one person … Continue reading

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Why Xero exists….

Here’s a review of MYOB on Apple’s Australian store. Now it may have been a shill, but there are still the 101/111 people that “found the review useful”. This has to be the worst software system that I have ever … Continue reading

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NZ’s regressive tax system

It’s strange. I always thought that New Zealand has a pretty progressive tax system – that the richer people get taxed more than the poorer, and that we have a share the spoils system that helps make NZ a great … Continue reading

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