Dot Mac Gallery, and old motorcycle Trip photos

Apple, at the same time as the new iLife launch, launched a very overdue upgrade to the dot mac product.

I sent some photos from the new iPhoto to a new feature – dot Mac Web Gallery. The process is to select your pictures in iPhoto, and, err, push a button (or click a menu item).

The upload process worked pretty well, unlike that of iWeb which was unreliable to the point of uselessness, and the reason one of my previous attempts at blogging died.

I did have problems at the beginning with the sync though – getting duplicates and all sorts of things after I tried to change the order and add additional photos while the sync was underway. Things went more smoothly after I deleted that and started again. I still cannot figure out how to change the order of albums.

So here are a selection of my North and South America motorcycling photos. Check out what happens when you mouse over an album.

I’m impressed with the very simple elegance of the product, both for uploading and viewing.


Published by Lance Wiggs