TV3’s Pyrrhic victory

I’m not a lawyer – but has an unhealthy precedent been set by the Mediaworks vs Sky TV ruling? If so then Mediaworks  strategists and lawyers should be taken out and shot.

The ruling was very strict, and allows competing Sky to use 2 minute clips from the World Cup just 3 times in a 24 hour period. Moreover they can only use the clips for (sports) news programs, not ‘magazine’ programs.

“Sky could feel vindicated to use this ruling as a blueprint,” (Forsyth Barr’s)  Mr Mercer said.

Nice short term gain for TV3, but longer term Sky owns pretty much all the decent sports rights, and this ruling ruins it for everyone.

Does the ruling mean that TVNZ’s new 24 hour news channel won’t be able to show Super 14 clips more than 3 times a day? Has Justice Winkelmann ever seen Eurosport, with the 10 minute rotation of sport news?

And what about online re-broadcasting?  Will I get an injunction if I mash up the coverage? What if I obtain it from another broadcaster? What about.. oh never mind.

In the end the technology will win – and we’ll just turn off the TV and turn on YouTube, which incidentally has 1200 Rugby World Cup clips right now. Click on some of them and you get “This clip has been removed due to copyright restrictions from Rugby World Cup Limited”, so your may need to look a litle further.

Published by Lance Wiggs