How to watch the rugby? with iPods of course

So many rugby games, so little time. So I, err, invested in some Apple products to help me manage my Rugby watching. They also helped to boost my AAPL shareholding value.

How to watch 3 at once

That’s the new iPod Classic (160GB) on the left and the new iPod nano on the right, along with the not so new but still latest MacBook Pro 17 HD in the center. And with the eyeTV Hybrid I can receive and record both Channel Ten HD (using an external antenna) and Foxtel (providing I tell the set top box to auto-change).

I received these from the Apple store early last week, and yes, the AAPL shares have already risen.

The keyboard is stunning in all senses.

The Classic iPod is finally big enough to hold all of my music AND all of my photos – in full resolution. Not a lot of room left over, but it does mean that I can get rid of 2 older 60GB iPods – which I had for storing photos while travelling.

kyboard and 2 pods

The iPod nano is perfect for jaunting  around town – you can scroll through the songs, and can also download video for commuting. If you are not sold, think about the quieting effect on kids in the back of the car. The new nano is essentially the same volume (as in volumetric) as the old, just squatter, and more robust with it.


So yes – these toys investments make up somewhat for the paucity of iPhones in my life. It also helps that mobile phones are a safety (ignition) hazard where I am consulting, and so I am phone-free for much of every day.

and no – 3 way rugby action really didn’t work. Oh well.

Published by Lance Wiggs