NZ’s Superannuation fund ranks highest

Good news, from the WSJ blog:

Ted Truman, a former top Federal Reserve and Treasury staffer now at the Peterson Institute for International Economics think tank in Washington, with a scoreboard that ranks 32 sovereign wealth funds from 28 countries on 25 elements in four categories — structure, governance, transparency and accountability and behavior. His bottom line: New Zealand’s Superannuation Fund ($10 billion) and Norway’s oil-fueled Government Pension Fund-Global ($300 billion) score the highest. The Qatar Investment Authority ($50 billion) and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (estimated between $500 billion and $875 billion) score the lowest.

Sadly  the Super fund is trivially sized in comparison with those others, but hey – perhaps they can follow the Yale model and turn out 20% year after year?

Published by Lance Wiggs