How are you finding me?

So now we know what you are reading (it’s all about teenage love calculation), but how are you coming to this blog?

Well – here are the top search terms used over the last year to find posts on this site:

1: “xtra mail”  (yup. I can’ believe it either)
2:”calculate the name of your perfect lover” (It’s a scam people)
3: “lance wiggs” (An answer to #2 perhaps? Not for teenagers I hasten to add.)

4: “crush calculator”
5: “love calculation”
6: “tvnzondemand”
7: “burger fuel”
8: “love calculator”
9: “burgerfuel”
10: “shipbuktu slow”

So there you have it. I’m not sure what it all means, but do feel free to comment.

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One reply on “How are you finding me?”

  1. In some strange way it seems to mean that no matter how many brilliant content-rich intelligent pieces you may write about business, IT or the state of the nation, the majority of people are interested in much more trivial things :)

    If it’s any consolation, our top hits come from a huge number of searches for Eggs Benedict as well as this one from yesterday “upskirt shots of women in the 80s”. People are weird.


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