What are you reading here? top 11, bottom 3

So – this blog has been around for almost a year now – the first post was on November 9th last year. It’s been a fun journey, and although statistics are fickle things it seems that about 2-300 people are visiting each day.

That’s pretty amazing – I had no idea I had that many relatives.

It’s interesting for me to see which posts attract traffic, and which posts don’t – and perhaps it is for you as well. Scary, but interesting.

Here are then, from the last 300 days, the top 11 posts, and  the bottom 3. The stats capture the clicks on to a specific blog entry.

The top 11

1: Love Calculator – Vodafone and Google sh

2: Remove yourself from love lover and crus

3: ASA pings Love Calculator – but it is st

Yes – sadly the top three posts on this blog are trafficked by…  teenagers searching for love.

4: BurgerFuel: value or not? (turned out not)

5: About me (it is all about me it seems)

6: tvnzondemand – streaming works on OSX (yes it does, but no downloads)

7: Gareth Morgan’s Kiwisaver calculater (apparently even bad spelling didn’t stop the pageviews)

8: More Fuel for the Burger Fuel fire (smoke, no fire)

9: psst – Want to earn over $100,000 per ye (Have a Doctorate, live in Gisborne)

10: xtra mail customers are going to Yahoo! (yes – they did. and oh how badly)

11: After xtra: Which email should you use? (linked to #10 – Google is the answer)

The Bottom 3

With just 7 direct hits, these didn’t get any click-through love:

His masters voice..  (Doesn’t anyone care what the world’s 3rd richest guy and best investor says?)

Ferrit. Incompetent (Am I wrong? relatives not relatves)

Holy advertising enormity! (An obnoxious ad format from theWest.com.au)

It’s an interesting journey, this blogging.

Published by Lance Wiggs