A response from BNZ

The BNZ please just pay my rent saga continues

Now they are asking me to sign up for the stupid security card (which I had done 2 dats prior) and to send a confirmation fax to get this particular payment through.

Nope. International faxes are just too hard these days. I don’t even plug my landline in, let alone own a fax. A photo of a document via email is normally accetable, just not to the BNZ. and yes – there are no doubt a host of internet faxing services, but I do not know or trust any.

So I am reduced – my beleaguered mother will execute this transaction for me, and BNZ loses even more karma. There is not a lot of BNZ karma left I can tell you, though no doubt my mother will have an excellent personal banker experience in Wellington.

So my search for a new bank continues – thanks to everyone that has commented, ASB looks the likely candidate.

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  1. Yep ASB is the go. I haven’t tried their international transfer service, but so far all of their online services have been flawless.


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