BNZ saga – the card

So my BNZ security card arrived yesterday. Here it is:

bnz card

Now I know where it is at least.

BNZ to their credit did initiate yesterday the next transfer request for my rent. We were going back and forward for so long that the rental payment date arrived, and a helpful CS person (another in the list) processed it. Good to see.

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  1. Erm, Lance are you going to post your login and password as well? In for a penny etc etc. 2 factor auth is not a lot less secure when you’ve published the key to generate the 2nd factor.

    I know you’re annoyed but you’re probably giving BNZ the justification to duck out from all responsibility for future transactions should any turn out to be fraudulent.

    I should document my fun time with Amex, due to timezones and payment delays they wanted me to a) prove I’d paid the account (I had, and got my wife to fax them the receipt) and b) pay the next months bill, which they’d just processed in AU time and not yet mailed, on a weekend (in Puerto Rico). The CSR was quite belligerent and didn’t see the impossibility at all. The nice thing was every time I made a call to sort it out the hotel tried to re-auth my credit card, and then rang me due to it failing…

    The National Bank wanted me to “pop in to set the PIN on my replacement card” while I was living in Holland too. Just what I needed…


  2. All NZ banks were forced to add extra security for online banking after a change in the law in 2006.

    BNZ went down the “extra bit of paper route”, which is fine.

    If you choose to publish it to the world, then you are back at the pre 2007 level of security. Which may be fine for some.

    It gives you the choice of photocopying it multiple times, and sticking one of them in your wallet. One at home, one at work etc. You can lose it etc.

    If you don’t like this one, then you can use ASB, who satisify the legal requriement, by texting you a code to your mobile phone, whenever you log on to internet banking.

    Options, options


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