Feeding the Apple swag addiction

The master speaks, and Lance reaches for his wallet to feed his insatiable addiction for all things Apple. At least it is a better addiction than Methadone/P/ice or other ilicit drugs. Probably just as expensive though.

MacBook air: ordered, but not with the tiny solid state drive which costs AU$1400 more. I’ll use this in some upcoming travel, but really I am struggling to justify this on logical grounds. It’s definitely, as Juha says, a second mac – not the primary computer that I’ll connect to a huge 30 inch screen. I will say that I have yet to use my DVD drive on this MacBook Pro for anything other than installing software, and that happens only every few months.

Apple TV: Awaiting to upgrade software when I am reunited with mine, so it will become useful – right now it is a gleaming cute white…elephant.

(Microsoft) Mac Office: Ordered, really for the speed. I’l still use Parallels for most of my spreadsheeting.

Time Capsule: While I had it on my shipping cart, I removed it at check out as I have no real use for it at the moment – I already have the WiFi extreme (highly recommended) and a 500GB backup drive.

Apple Stock: I doubled up on this a few days ago (along with eBay), so my purchases would have an impact on my portfolio.

Its amazing though, living here in Perth, how the internet is just so much more useful with high speed and almost limitless bandwidth. Bring on the iTunes with movie rentals – the ultimate way for me to feed my Apple addiction – and a nice earner for Apple as Jim mentions. However the Apple downloadable movies will be painful to useless in NZ, as Rod points out that we have a real infrastructure fight on our hands.

Indeed I am dreading returning to the inadequacies of broadband in NZ. I’m not kidding – it’s close to being so bad that I’ll find another country to live.

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