YouTube Instant

Yet another classic Stanford undergraduate story. Google releases Google Instant, and so Feross Aboukhadijeh creates YouTube instant. Try it. Very shortly afterward Feross received a tweet from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley offering him a job. That’s smart – other students have stuck it out and formed companies – like Google itself. More on Venturebeat To […]

Unleash those cabinets please

A surprising puff piece from Chris Keall in the NBR sings the praises of Telecom’s Chorus Division’s cabinet roll out: The Telecom division is now half way through its government-mandated project to roll-out 3600 roadside fibre optic cable cabinets around neighborhoods nationwide. Each shortens the distance that data has to travel over an older copper […]

Spend the $900,000 Telecom – you cheap sods

Sigh. And there I was praising Telecom the other day – praise it seems that was all too soon. I am concerned that recent behavior is indicating that Telecom is back to its old monopolist ways. I write of course of the XT network interference with the Vodafone network. The facts laid out in Vodafone’s […]

Amazon is failing to be the iTunes of book world – so far

I’m warming on the idea of the Kindle – Amazon’s ebook reader. I like it for mass reduction, especially when travelling – it sharply reduces mass that you need to cart around on an airplane or  motorcycle. I like it for convenience – You’ll get books that you purchase instantly, rather than waiting for days […]

Final Ferrit: The governance failure

Part four of  a four part take on the end of Ferrit. We started with Market Space, then  site idea and execution, and business economics. This is hopefully the last Ferrit post, but the most important in this series The Governance Failure There were failures at a number of levels from Telecom, including poor strategy, […]

Final Ferrit: The business economics

Part three of  a four part take on the end of Ferrit. We started with Market Space, then  site idea and execution, and governance failure will finish things off. The economics The business result had to be razor thin commissions, if any. The site depended upon the larger stores providing volume of products, which they […]

Final Ferrit: The site idea and execution

Part two of  a four part take on the end of Ferrit. We started with Market Space, and business economics and governance failure are next. The idea of the Ferrit site So while there was a space, the proposed way to address that space was flawed. The  problem was that the proffered solution didn’t offer […]

Would you let Telecom design your website?

Telecom is launching something – I’m not really sure what it is, but apparently it will be some sort of Business Oriented Internet plan/ISP – where you get bundled internet access, hosting and things like Xero. Business broadband plans will be “slightly differently priced” … I read that as “more expensive”, but gee I’d pay […]

Why intervention is needed for Telecom and not for Auckland

Falafulu Fisi asks an excellent question to the previous post on Auckland Airport: “Aren’t both Auckland Airport & Telecom private companies? Why would you want to say that the government is an interventionist regarding the CPPIB attempt to buying shares in the Auckland Airport but not saying the same thing about Telecom? I am a […]

Feeding the Apple swag addiction

The master speaks, and Lance reaches for his wallet to feed his insatiable addiction for all things Apple. At least it is a better addiction than Methadone/P/ice or other ilicit drugs. Probably just as expensive though. MacBook air: ordered, but not with the tiny solid state drive which costs AU$1400 more. I’ll use this in […]