Lance is not a Gay Star – Blog spam

yup. I get a bunch of links to this blog from something called Gay Stars, which has the domain name

I have no idea why. I’m not gay, (I’m clearly not good looking enough as I haven’t been hit on by a guy for years) and sadly I’m not an adult sex star (umm – what other kind is there?).

But regardless My RSS feeds are grabbed and plonked  onto their sex site.
Here’s an example: AOL Australia launches. Whatever 

Here’s where it ends up – it’s actually safe for work.

gay stars

I’m under the category “Lance”, whom I imagine is the handle of some Gay Sex Star:

gay stars

Now – whoever it is that is grabbing my RSS feeds, this is doing nothing whatsoever for my appeal to the fairer sex, nor for my seemingly eternal quest for a lovely smart small and somewhat crazy woman to fall in love with. So please. Enough.

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5 replies on “Lance is not a Gay Star – Blog spam”

  1. Yep, sounds like referrer spam. They link to you so they show up in your stats, possibly as an indexable link if your stats happen to be public. Of course some people who get spammed like this post a blog message or ask in a forum what’s going on. Bingo – instant link for them.

    Hate to say it but they got you good :(


  2. yup – referrer spam it is. Bloggers get an astonishing amount of referrer and comment spam, and WordPress’s tools are very effective at removing them.

    Interestingly I’ve been receiving inbound links from these guys, as their google juice is pretty good. And you are right Dave – I knew I was giving them even more credibility juice by linking to them.

    The question with this sort of business model is just how long it will take for Google to figure out how to make them irrelevant. At the end of it all nothing beats original and new content – as the news sites know all too well.


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