Ticketmaster has auctions. sort of.

Here is one for Westlife.


A lost opportunity for Trade Me perhaps, but ticketing is a tough market to get into as it is all about tying up the suppliers of the tickets.

However, given that, Trade Me (or whomever) still has the ability to enter the market by offering the same service at a cheaper price – so long as they can bring something else to the table. Trade Me could bring traffic, and they and others can bring website usability.

That’s right – that auction didn’t actually work for me. Perhaps I needed to be logged in, perhaps it does not work on Safari, but in either case a result other than a page reload would have been useful. Simple stuff really.

There is also no indication of how many tickets are being offered, whether there are other seats on offer or whether the winning bidder for a seat in a particular range pays their bid price or the lowest winning bid price for that range.

some work to do.

Published by Lance Wiggs