Xobni is cool – add your name to the list

Not that I have it yet, but Xobni is a very cool add-on to Outlook that gives you handy things like threaded conversations and stats for everyone you communicate with. What a great idea!

Their premise is that we have all created far more MB of information through our email than through our web presence. Google does a great job of sorting through the Web stuff, but until now nobody has done much with those email files.

Also – do check out their blog, which is a great way to track for first few months of a company developing and launching what is going to be a blockbuster product.

Sadly you have to join the queue – sign up and wait, with waits ranging from months to Mauricio’s 2 days.

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

(this will move me up the beta list)

Promo video

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