New site TheVine shows what really interests “18-29s”


Fairfax Digital Australia and youth publisher LifeLounge have launched a new site:, “aimed at 18-29 year olds”.

Now like everyone I’d hate to be in a “target market” and I suspect, like “young adult literature”, the real target is somewhat younger, although the design of the site is pretty placid:


The surefire killer sign of a young audience is the Top Stories section, which I take to be auto-selected by popularity. I’d go on, but, well – just look at the titles to the top articles:


Nice, Tight, revealing, Miranda Kerr, Sex Marathon, hedgehog. Yup – that sounds like teenage minds hard at work – and teenage boys at that. Let’s take a sneak peak at that second story ” new revealing figures


case closed….

now – did Fairfax and LifeLounge really mean to do that? Well – I’ll leave that to FD MD Pippa Leary:

Asked if Fairfax’s editorial staff was too old for the target market, Ms Leary said “yes”.

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  1. Lance, Why do you say that you’d hate to be in a target market?

    I think you are confusing market segmentation that determines segments of a market most likely to buy a product or service with stereotyping.

    I covered the differences in market segmentation and stereotyping in a recent post at

    When business owners do market segmentation properly, they learn characteristics about target market members that enable them to produce the products that target market members need, market those products in a way that target market members find appealing, and develop relationships with the target market members. They cater to the target market members. I think that is a good thing for businesses and people.


  2. Thanks for the comment Linda
    My swipe is in relation to being in a target market versus being told you are in a target market, and not directed at stereotyping.

    I may be in a “senior citizen” market, but you had better not tell me, as then I’ll start thinking that you think I am old.

    Alternatively, I may be 14, but I’ll buy teenage magazines that are marketed to people older than me.

    And call me middle aged at your peril – the media I read is skewed all over the place.

    I’m unsurprised that a website aimed at 18+’s would attract a younger following.


  3. Lance,

    I know what you mean. I don’t want to be told that I’m old either because I am so much more than my age.

    That’s the mistake that many business owners and marketers make when trying to determine their best target markets. They focus on one demographic characteristic, which is basically stereotyping.

    Market segmentation, on the other hand, enables the use of multiple demographic characteristics to reveal even more psychographic and behavioral characteristics.

    It uses as many characteristics as possible and then identifies shared characteristics to improve marketing, product development, distribution, pricing, and other important decisions.

    I provide a free report on the process and use Internet Users to illustrate it at


  4. I’m just so stoked I now know what I’m meant to be interested in! :)

    It was almost like when blogging first started and most blogs were pretty cool and about various topics… And now some of those top 200 are basically rubbish… but written by someone pretty or willing to backstab to the world.

    It’s like for everything that gives you hope for the world, you see something that takes it away…

    That was an awfully depressing comment, sorry!


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