Property BS

It’s a certified Real Estate bust market, and you are a “successful property investor”. Do you:

A: do nothing – you got out long ago, when the signs were there.

B: frantically sell out of the remaining “investment” properties you own

C: What there’s a bust?

D: Start a property magazine and website.

Since this is a blog post, the answer is of course D: Start a Property magazine and website.


Dumb move or inspired genius? Stick around for 10 years and we’ll know.

In the short term the 3 page “cool and convenient” website, early PR, and promised advertising campaign smells a little of reek of big money being directed against the proverbial wall.

Meanwhile giants Fairfax, NZHerald and Property Press are not exactly sitting on their hands, while online Trade Me Property and have carved up the market nicely.

Good luck chaps

Published by Lance Wiggs


3 replies on “Property BS”

  1. Lance,

    Thanks for brining this to my attention. I am interested / amused that they are extensively advertising this publication around Auckland with what must be a $500k campaign. But the average man-in-the-street cannot find it (the book) – a clear case of advertising to capture agent interest and listings. Hook them in and then turn round and charge them once they have the content.

    As to their claims regarding the website – could have been innovative 10 years ago, but in this competitive marketplace you need more than “weekly email alerts”!!


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