Bacon Chocolate – what were they thinking?

Following on from Natalie’s canned Chicken – yesterday here in Washington, DC I had the dubious priviledge of trying Bacon Chocolate. Note that this wasn’t bacon flovoured chocolate, but a chocolate bar with real bacon bits inside.

My smart friend pointed out that it addresses both the male and female markets.

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5 replies on “Bacon Chocolate – what were they thinking?”

  1. When I lived in the UK I was fortunate enough to be able to buy from (they only ship to the EU + USA). I bought a large box of international random goodness – ever had chilli chocolate? It’s surprisingly tasty!


  2. This summer the gelati bar at Whangamata was selling chilli chocolate gelati. Surprisingly it works — the shop sold out in a couple of days.


  3. Chilli chocolate – yes I have had it and it is not bad.

    Bacon chocolate on the other hand was ..interesting.. to try. Let’s just say that I can’t ever see myself buying any for non-joke purposes.


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