BNZ Sucks: Verified by Visa sucks

Nigel from Netconcepts pointed out the ludicrous BNZ “verified by Visa” program, which he encountered recently on a NZ retailer. Netconcepts are a NZ/Wisconsin success story – developing websites among other things from their Auckland base. They know their stuff.

Nigel was shocked to see the following appear after entering his credit card details in DPS:

In his words:

Freaked me out – as it looks like a phishing attack – asking me to enter my details into a URL that is non-BNZ and non-Visa and that appears unrelated to my purchase in anyway. I have checked with the bank and this is a legitimate BNZ/Visa page. It is apparently a “new” security provision. And provided independently of the DPS card processing – so that the merchant is unaware that this is happening.

This was earlier today. But of course, as this is me and BNZ, there is more.

Later I was setting up my Skype account for Skype in, and had to pay some money. I grabbed my Visa card, and was confronted with a Verified by Visa brick wall, asking for a password. It seems I’ve used it before and have entered a password. I won’t show that screen as there are a few too many details, but suffice to say after entering a password I got this:


I entered another password (I really have no clue what it is) and got this:


2 passwords attempts and I was done. Pricks.

So I used another payment method (Paypal) and am now locked out from all “participating retailers”. Whoever they are.

I tried calling the 0800 number, but got a “number does not exist” on Skype. And yes – I’m overseas so I am really stuck calling a NZ based 800 number.

Wake up BNZ wake up!. …and please reset my password and take me off that lousy verified by visa program.

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32 Responses to BNZ Sucks: Verified by Visa sucks

  1. MG says:

    This post surprised me. Smells like a phish, reflects badly on the etailer, confuses the customer and will give the card issuing bank loads of grief. Most of all it will lose Visa revenue.


    • tim says:

      umm yeah cant use verified by visa cause they say my password is wrong i tried resetting it with no luck it does a really lousy job, unless its intent is to make you go to brick and mortar


  2. Raf says:

    I just tried to pay for a flight and that came up. I said no thanks complete my purchase and its taken me to a blank screen so I have no idea whether the trade has gone through or not. I’m not sure whether to hit refresh or try again with my amex.

    I guess if i don’t get an email confo shortly i’ll know it failed.

    Yes it sucks!


  3. sayeo87 says:

    Yup I’ve just encountered that too…..Visa with my US Chase Account. After just one attempt it said there was too many login attempts and wouldn’t let me enter my password anymore. I’m just going to buy on EBay instead where I don’t have to go through this ridiculous process.


  4. Perkoff says:

    My credit card was shut off a few months back for verifying it was me. I don’t get it. I go through the hassle of signing up for this program I verify it’s me. I guess the 16 numbers of my credit card, the experation date, and the 3 digit security code aren’t enough. They need me to enter an email address(couldn’t anyone who possibly stole my card enter an email address? Oh yeah they could) it’s 100% pointless. Last time I was forced to use verified by visa for a $10 skype account my card was shut off for days. Had to deal with the stupid people at the bank and order a new card. The dumb immigrant working at the bank some how fucked up and I got sent 2 cards in the mail.

    Now a few months later I am forced to use verified by visa again. I go to sites like and am not forced to use it. Anyway the cheaptest memory I was looking for on was $20 more than so I shopped with I’m forced to use the verified by visa program. I remember what happened last time I use it. But this time everything goes through and I get an email telling me they charged my card. I wake up to a message telling me to call verified by visa.

    This is fucking bullshit. What other debit cards are out there? I want to take all my money off of this Visa card and put it somewhere else. I’m really sick of having to go without access to my money for days because Verified by visa does not seem to work at all.


  5. Lance Wiggs says:

    Horrible. From memory the way I got around it was to use my American Express card and/or Paypal. It’s a magnificent system to lower transaction volume for Visa and for the sites.


  6. Becky says:

    I’ve encountered this several times now and contacted Visa to complain. Visa takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for doing this – they say the “merchants sign up for it”. Well, the jerks at Visa seem to think we’re dumb enough to believe that the merchants invented this thing. Visa of course is the one to blame for coming up with this thing and actively pushes their merchants to sign up. I have been screwed so many times from this thing, including when I tried to book honeymoon tickets! This Verified by Visa stinks and just makes life harder. My info and credit card are NO MORE secure with this thing and requies me to remember one more password. sucks and I will be cancelling my visa card – here I come mastercard!


  7. dodo says:

    it’s time to use mastercard only.

    Chase bank sucks. I was trying to pay my verizon bill online and when I got to the point or entering the 3 digit code on the back this foni window popped up about signing up for “verified by visa”. So you are FORCED to sign up for this or you are unable to use your card. This is horrible customer service. They did not make the public aware of this program at all. I called chase customer service, was transferred 2 times and my option is to cancel the card if I don’t sign up for this program. They say The merchants sign up for the program. It’s to prevent fraud, but I don’t believe it. There are lots of people complaining online about this. I think they are trying to get people to cancel their cards to limit their exposure to risk.


    • JAF says:

      Today I went to pay my VZW Bill online and I was prompted for ‘Verified by Visa” to enter my password or if you click on the “I don’t have one’ it makes you sign up. This is NOT something that Verizon should have any control over. You (Verizon) do not get the right to decided how I set up my bank account. I have called Wells Fargo and they have stated that merchants have the option to participate in this program but should NOT be MAKING anyone sign up. Verizon has no right to dictate or have control how MY Bank account is set up. This is a very bad business practice. I understand that it is to promote security online HOWEVER, that is not your call to make! I am VERY upset and I am hoping that you contact me about this matter otherwise I will use another provider, because this is a serious matter and you do not have any right to dictate my bank account.


  8. Justin says:

    Mastercard now has the same thing, but it’s called Mastercard SecureCode. The only surefire way I’ve found to avoid it is to click the “No Thanks, Complete My Purchase” each and every time you make a purchase.

    My local bank promotes verified by visa as a way to stay secure, but after signing up once, I’ll never deal with the hassle again.


  9. Matthew says:

    I’ve been having troubled with this BS Verified by Visa through BNZ too. I NEVER signed up for it nor have a password, yet I am requested to put one in. The page says I can even contact BNZ to obtain a “temporary password” but they refused to give it to me. I can only shop on sites now which don’t use verified by visa. Someone needs to fix things up…


    • AhMad says:

      As for those bitching about the neuatgrd card, i used to do the same but BNZ have a 100% cover if a fraudulent activity appears on your account. Small price to pay for that level of FREE insurance.


  10. Dave says:

    I have also been caught by the BNZ’s new phishing scheme (aka Verified by Visa), turning a quick online purchase into an exercise in frustration. From what their helpdesk tell me merchants will increasingly be making Verified by Visa mandatory (under pressure from Visa and/or the banks from the sounds) and rejecting purchases that don’t use it! The “No thanks, complete my purchase” won’t help in these cases.


  11. Susan says:

    You log in the correct password on the first time & get locked out. The option to “reset” password online NEVER works. The customer service reps are the rudest bunch of disgruntled assclowns that hate their job, you and anyone that they have to deal with.

    I go thru the same hassle each month when paying bills online. EVERY month I have to call & sit thru death hold, a bunch of idiots the switch you all over or just hand up on you. If you happen to reach someone after verifying everything but your DNA, they will reset your account to go in and reset password.

    Did I sign up for this NO. Verizon forces you to use it as well as other merchants. I understand the fraud issues that exists in this day & age but if you system doesn’t wk. FIX IT!

    OK, nuff, i vented and w/now I will do a shot of tequila and move onto the next “convinence” of online bill paying.


  12. Ken says:

    Hey a year ago I hit the wall when attempting to book a hotel room on line in Thailand.
    That bloody “verified” crap blocked the transaction every time I tried, and the only way I could safely continue with the holiday (couldn’t risk the card not working during the 3 week holiday) was to get myself a debit card – not with the BNZ.
    The debit card worked fine in Thailand, with never a fault, and because my BNZ Visa card has worked perfectly for the past year, including in some Thai shops, I had forgotten all about that damned “Verified”crap.
    We will be setting up another Thailand holiday shortly, so I guess I will find out whether the “Verification” has fixed itself, because nothing tried by BNZ or Visa made it work last year !


  13. paul says:

    just lost concert tickets because of this bs


  14. Matt says:

    I seldom run into the ‘Verified by Visa’ screen (the most recent was a few days ago while paying for a service I used). I just click ‘No thanks’ and keep on going.

    But I do agree that it’s unnecessary in how they go about ‘forcing’ you to use it.


  15. Craig says:

    I know this VBV thing can seem frustrating, but once it’s setup that’s it!! Simple as.
    I’ve never had any problems with my password on VBV sites.
    People get all flustered with having to have ‘another password’. I’m sure none of us have a different password for every single website login.


  16. Frank says:

    Can anybody here actually clarify 100% a couple of points in relation to VBV and Securecode:

    1) In terms of being enrolled / not being enrolled, if you are a customer on an ecommerce site that has VBV/ securecode, is it correct to say that you will ONLY EVER see anything to do with VBV/Securecode ( either it’s enrolling or entering the password if you’re already enrolled), if you have a credit card that is issued by BNZ?

    Or will you be taken to a VBV/MCSC page if you have a credit card issued by any of the othe banks also?

    2) Does anyone have a definitive list of which banks are participating / which banks issue credit cards that support this scheme in NZ?

    feedback much appreciated!



  17. Billy says:

    Jesus, bene trying to buy a flight ticket but cant because after i have “VISA verified” myself i encounter a blank screen, and then nothing..
    It got the point that i typed in VISA verified sucks and notice that i was not alone.


  18. GB says:

    Verified by Visa definitely sucks, half the time it doesn’t even work resulting in me calling my card issuer.

    When I get some free time think I’m going to switch cards.

    Good work Visa!


  19. Pounder says:

    I have been frustrated by Verizon as well. The most ridiculous part of it is that you can submit credit card payment over the phone on their automated system without using verified by visa. Instead of being easy like entering the exact same information in their website, you have to mash buttons on your phone, navigate their stupid tree and listen to important announcements like “visit” Wake up Verizon! Makes me want to consider Sprint again.

    I’m fed up with this Verified by Visa clownery.


  20. stewart hawkins says:

    Agree just got locked out of a UK Rail ticket site.

    Utter crap. “Platinum Poo”


  21. Dave says:

    It’s getting worse. Declined by Visa used to merely prevent me from using my card at overseas sites (usually travel sites, buying rail tickets over the Internet in Canada, the UK, and some Scandinavian countries was made impossible by this). but now it’s spreading to NZ as well. I’ve just had two attempts to buy computer parts from local online stores blocked with the error message “Unable to display transaction. An unknown error has occurred” because of Declined by Visa. It looks like this poison is now creeping into NZ as well…


  22. Dave says:

    >I know this VBV thing can seem frustrating, but once it’s setup that’s it!! Simple as.
    >I’ve never had any problems with my password on VBV sites.
    Declined by Visa has prevented me from using my credit card at any site that uses it, for the last three years. In some cases I get the VbyV password page and authenticate successfully but VbyV reports it as a failed authentication, in others there’s no chance to use VbyV, I just get a brief mention of it and then some variation of “an unknown error has occurred”. In three years it has never, ever worked at any web site I’ve used it on. The only way to make a payment at any VbyV site is to re-enter the entire transaction from scratch and then use a US credit card I have from a bank that doesn’t participate in this nonsense.


  23. Marla Drucker says:

    Lots of complaints, but no solution yet. I just sent them an email message asking how I can un-enroll a card. Has anybody been able to do this successfully?


  24. Steve D says:

    You can’t. I called the BNZ support folks and begged them to please, please remove this poison from my account, but they said that not only couldn’t they do it but in the future other banks would be doing it too – that was in response to threatening to close the account and move to another bank. He seemed quite proud of the fact that the BNZ was ahead of the pack in rolling out this braindamage, and somewhat gleeful about the fact that I couldn’t escape by jumping ship. Having said that I’m not aware of this being rolled out by any other bank so far, so maybe you can still escape by leaving the BNZ.


    • Marla Drucker says:

      I sent my email message to a contact at the Verified by Visa Web site. I live in the US and the problem is occurring with online airline reservations at 2 separate airlines. Our bank is a credit union, The reply from Verified by Visa states that I must find the “correct person” at the bank. I don’t want to do this on the phone. My next move will be to send an email to the bank’s head office.


  25. Greg says:

    Looks like almost every Aussie bank has VBV.
    And how many of NZ’s banks are Aussie owned….. coming soon to a NZ bank near you.

    This is just how Visa want card issuers to comply with their rules. The sooner ya’ll go along with it the better.


  26. Marla Drucker says:

    Sending an email message to the credit union worked! They say that have disabled our Verified by Visa profile.


  27. Dave says:



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