What to do next? crazy idea number 1

I’m finishing up a couple of contract at the end of June, wondering what I shall do next.

Being in Colombia sure made me miss South America, and so is it purely coincidence that I came across the route for the 2009 Dakar race?


That’s some pretty fun terrain on that map – I’ve been over a bit of it. The Dakar has moved from the Paris-Dakar route I guess because the credible terror threats from this years aborted race are still out there.


how hard can it be?

OK OK – the Dakar is an insane event, especially for the certifiable warriors that
ride on motorcycles. It’s also a wildly expensive thing to do. It’s 9000 km’s off road at max speed, 6000km’s of which are “special” stages (i.e. medieval torture with a very real chance of death)

I also suck at riding on sand, am unfit, have never ridden an enduro or any other off-road event, don’t own a motorcycle that is able or allowed to do the race, and… and..and… oh whatever.

what could go wrong?

[Maybe I can tour around during the race time – though I’m sure I won’t be able to match Tiffany, who finished her round the world adventures by riding through the Dakar finish – she arrived on the same day as the rally and was waved through.]

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