A Trade Me Spin off – timeexchange

We are starting to see a few more spin off from Trade Me staff that are launching websites on their own.

The first significant start up founded by someone working at Trade Me was Findsomeone which was created by Nigel while he was pulling a day job at Trade Me, and which was then bought back into the Trade Me fold.

The irrepressible Nigel and a couple of pals then went on to start Starnow.com was the first, and very successful startup launched outside of Trade Me. Starnow matches actors and models up with TV shows and the like, and is very big in the UK in particular.

Now Sebastian, who left Trade Me 9 months ago, has pushed Timeexchange out of gestation. Timexchange  is aimed at contractors and contracting agencies, and will make it simple for  agencies to get and manage approved  timesheets from their contractors.

It looks pretty good, and it’s a nice simple solution to a lovely niche. Good luck guys!

(oh – and you may want to think about intro pricing and letting us have a play with a sample contractor/agency user)

There’s also another one out there – still in stealth phase as far as I know.  Let’s hope that we see a bunch of these – the great people that helped give Trade Me success deserve their day in the sun.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    It does let you play with the contractor, agency and approver roles – just click the Try It Free link at the top to receive signin details to the demo.


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