Goodbye NZ, nice to have helped, but I gotta go

So David Skilling does a fantastic job leading the NZ institute, influencing massive policy changes in saving (Kiwisaver), economy, climate change and broadband.

So now that his 4 year stint is up, what does he do?


Yup – David is off to Singapore.

It sums everything that is right and wrong with NZ very nicely.

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3 replies on “Goodbye NZ, nice to have helped, but I gotta go”

  1. As he says there is nowhere to go as politics and bureaucracy don’t appeal. NZ continues to suffer due to its lack of scale, drive and vision.

    It needs a major shot in the arm, some major incentive or similar drive to pull smart people in and make them stay.

    There is a window of opportunity no but it wont be around forever.


  2. People’s response to David’s departure also “sums everything that is right and wrong with NZ very nicely.”

    Rather than a simplistic view of Brain Drain where the solution is that everyone should come back to NZ, acknowledging that we are part of a global economy means we should encourage people to go back and forth. Or have a string of homes around the world. That’s how world-class knowledge and perspectives get brought to NZ.

    David Skilling and others like him will leave NZ, learn some more stuff, come back, contribute again, leave again, etc.. etc..


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