Digicell – getting bigger and bigger by helping people

Digicell is cleaning upearning dollars by targeting poor countries with their mobile phone services, and earning kudos for liberating their populations from inefficient and often corrupt Governments and incumbents.

Owner Denis O’Brien’s motto (via Forbes):

Give phones to the masses and they’ll fight your enemies for you.

I wish they’d invade Australia and New Zealand…

a battle plan he would use on other invasions: spend lavishly on the network (1,000 towers in Jamaica), build clean stores with cheery staff (a rarity in many developing countries) and lure customers by offering new services like per-second billing and big discounts from the competition (80% less for phones and 50% less for calls)

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4 replies on “Digicell – getting bigger and bigger by helping people”

  1. I love this bit in the article…
    “..arming the masses in dangerous countries like Haiti, Fiji, “


  2. “O’Brien doesn’t let government obstructionism or corruption deter him. He dots countries with cell towers, sometimes before rulers even grant a license, then slashes the price of mobiles on opening day to get the masses using them fast. It’s a bet that poor people who have never had phone service before won’t let the politicians take their phones away without a fight.”

    Yep we need him here, and need him now !!!!


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