To Leonora and my first skimpy

From Kalgoorlie to Leonora was kangaroo country – with dead roos every 150 meters on average for much of the ride. I am not kidding.
So playing safe I stopped well before dark, which is when the roos come out to play (and lose badly) ‘chicken’ with the four trailer roadtrains.
Once here I dropped the boxes and blasted around some local tracks. If you find yourself in a Aussie mining town then get a bike and discover adventure wonderland – there are tracks everywhere.
For dinner there was a choice of two hotels, and I was advised to go to the better one. Even that, it appeared, was a skimpy bar….. The food was nice though I bugged out after a couple of drinks, and meeting some really cool folk.
Tomorrow is all West, next stop Uluru, with some chillt desert evening(s) before then.

Published by Lance Wiggs


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