Australia fix your roads

On the one hand it’s great for people like me that there are vast roads of days of sand and corrugations. It was tough at first but ultimately I was skimming through the sand pit that is the NT part of the great central road. Some of the road has not been graded for months, while other parts on the WA side were excellent. Parts- WA had its share of sandy corrugated crap as well.

Fun for me, but spare a thought for the number of aboriginal comunities that live along that road, and many other roads like it. They are cut off from the rest of the world, days away from cities, with expensive fuel and food and no access to markets or jobs.

Australa’s first people deserve more than a rusty Commodore and the dole.

Fix the roads.

The money is there, but so are the excuses. What I experienced was inexcusable, so start at one end and get it done regardless.

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  1. And I thought NZ roads were bad! Cos you lot spend too much money training athletes to win the olympics and not enough on internal infrastructure!


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