Time to return

From beautiful Cape Leveque, which is North is Broome, I woke in my tent to the dawn light. After visiting a local community, it is time to return.

The day before I fielded several phone calls from companies I am involved with, received the final investment documents and call for cash for a new one, confirmed a few weeks worth of consulting and failed to sign 2 important bits of paper.
Sadly the iphone isn’t up to reading investment documents written by overly verbose lawyers, nor to receiving lease documents, printing them out and signing.
Time to return.

Australia is big, really big, but those deserts are not empty of life. Sadly though many/most of the Aboriginal communities are closed off, so the cultural experience gets reduced to quirky roadhouse proprietors and their deep fried food. It’s about 2800km from Cape Leveque to Perth, and the bike picture below is just after the first 100km of sandy road, which was great fun. Sadly what remains is long, straight and Tarmac. It is a battle between distance per day, tire life, weariness and bike condition. This isn’t why I travel by motorcycle, I live for mountains, corners and cultures. The desert roads were great challenges though, but I am trapped in the NorthWest corner. Time to return.

Perth here I come.
I expect to be there in a few days, in NZ for the beginning of October and back in Perth for the end of October/beginning of November.

It’s dawn on the second day of the trip home. Time to get up and go.

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