eBay’s descent into oblivion continues

I tried logging into my ebay account last night from Nigel’s computer, and this is what I got after successfully entering my password:

I have no idea what my phone number from 1999 (or was it earlier?) is, and I certainly have no way of answering a call to that number.

So I started entering my NZ number.

Firstly, the page  should automatically select “Provide new number” when you start typing text into the new number box. It didn’t.

Secondly when I eventually selected “Provide new number” another box rolled out, demanding the “answer to my secret question”. (I hate secret questions. Why should I give anyone else the keys to my life, when they already have a password selected by me?) My question was “fish”, and so I plugged in the answer “chips”, which I still am not sure was right,

Thirdly, the new number was required to be in USA format – so my NZ number was never going to work. I suppose I could have used a Skype-in number, but enough was enough, and I was locked out.

They lost me. I couldn’t login, and eBay was telling me that my business was not important.

I did manage to login just now on my own computer, (and change that secret queston), but my confidence in eBay has plummeted to new lows. I use more than one computer, so I can see a future where I am locked out, and cannot get in without this sort of debacle.

eBay has 3 great business lines – Telephony/video, payments and auctions. They appear to be doing the best job that they possibly can to destroy all of them.

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