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For the last two posts I referred to articles published on Venturebeat. I’d never heard of them, but have now added Venturebeat to my tech reads.

Not only were they a decent source of news (well written, well researched, timely), but they also had a simple feature that made me a fan: Rate this story.

At the bottom of each article is a simple 0-5 star rating widget. You rate the article and move on. No page reload, no logins, no email address, and the result is immediate.

It makes me feel like more than a reader – increasing my loyalty without any of the negative barriers that commenting (logging in, editing process) brings. Excellent.

If only NZHerald and Stuff could do this.

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This is a fake

That’s a fake from the Venture beat site. Here’s the best we can do on WordPress.com:

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