Woo me

Kind of like Trade Me, only…. different. Very very different. Woome

Woo me has a simple concept – setting up video calls between guys and gals – an online one minute speed date. And now you can record the conversation and post it for posterity, and they could even get on to TV.

The site teaches a lot about keeping things simple.

The front page invites you to play a conversation featuring myspace giant Tila Tequila, (which is a simple way to explain how it all works):

Here’s the whole front page – it’s then dead simple to join in.

They have been around since 2006, and launched late 2007. It’s the online dating craze for the 18-24 year old set. Apparently.

Actually I think it is really clever – a nice way to kill an evening, something you can do with friends, it’s safe and you may actually meet someone interesting. Nobody gets hurt, and you can press <end> at any time and start anew with someone else.

It’s got to be a great way to improve the way you interact when you meet someone else in a social setting.

Woome also got $12.5m at a valuation of $41m (back in July) and was running about 15,000 sessions per day back then. Interestingly they claim that time online per user is increasing over time – a great addiction indicator.

It’s an online dating competitor – make no mistake – and yet online dating sites could incorporate this functionality pretty easily.

Published by Lance Wiggs