Radio NZ interview – How to survive and prosper this recession

I’m just back from an entertaining interview with Kathryn Ryan on the Nine to Noon program.

You can listen to it at Radio NZ: How Businesses Can Survive The Recession (and more)

Links to some things we talked about:

Social Innovation Camp NZ

Electricity microgeneration

  • Refit educating New Zealanders about Feed-in Tariffs (FITs)
  • Micro Generation – Wikipedia entry on what it is all about
  • Powershop – buy your power online now

Great opinion piece from influential NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristoff

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2 replies on “Radio NZ interview – How to survive and prosper this recession”

  1. Interesting interview with Kathryn this morning. Only caught the last half but downloaded the full audio file for later listening.

    You touched on some initiatives to do with creating local communities, sharing of resources etc.

    I spent some 30 years creating, living and working in so-called ‘intentional’ residential communities with up to 320 other adults and children. My experience could be described as ‘from the inside out’ – learning as we walked the walk and dealing with issues as they arose. Definitely not textbook stuff :)

    We became intimately familiar with the practical aspects of running a community, including running businesses, building construction, housing, catering, plant and machinery, household services, medical etc.

    To a society conditioned to nuclear family living, the problems of community can be immense; the advantages, when these problems are resolved, huge.


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