Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business

<I pulled this post after posting as I wanted to expand it, but it was already commented on externally – so here it is again.>

Get out there

  1. Use OpenOffice.org as the default office application. Give Microsoft Office only to those that really need extra bells, whistles and TLC.
  2. Meet your customers every day – stand in the supermarket, visit their factory, man the telemarketing lines, blog and tweet with them online.
  3. Keep it safe – take responsibility for the safety of yourself and everyone around you  and work to continuously improve it. Give each other the right to stop work if you see a potentially unsafe act. Accidents can kill people. They can also destroy your business and put you behind bars.

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One reply on “Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business”

  1. Or instead of using OpenOffice, use Google Docs – Or use them togeather. Google Apps can be a very power tool, and is extremely low cost (Or even free).

    I have found being able to collaboratively work on spreadsheets and documents hugely productive.

    That is as long as you trust Google with your data.


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