Weatherston Guilty of murder – before jury returns

Complete with quotes from the family – here is, via Google,  premature article from The Press on Weatherston’s guilty murder verdict. (Hat Tip to @rachel_a) Accidents do happen in the editorial room (I’ve done it myself) and as these things go it’s not a bad one. It was published at 11:45, which was, it seems, the time when the jury went off to decide on the case.

It’s an insight to the rather rough world of journalism, which is even fiercer online. The newspapers and other media battle hard to be the first with the news – and it pays off in readership and respect. That means pre-written articles and occasionally getting things wrong. at least yanking this article was cheaper than stopping the presses.

And here is the current home page. Note the time. The jury is still out.

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  1. The url pointing to the same page and the google cache JD linked to are all 404ing or warning of dangerous content.

    Coincidence or stuff cleaning up after itself?


  2. NZ Herald website had Weatherston Jury Back type headline in the late afternoon yesterday, with first line in story showing Weatherston jury back in court and ready to deliver its verdict. Clicking on the More link went to story that Weatherston jury was back from a break and ready to continue deliberations…


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