The NZ Klout and Klouchebag chart

Klout purports to measure online influence. Apparently I’m worth 45.34, with those two decimals implying a degree of science beyond the measurement. It’s all hogwash of course: The problem with Klout is that a higher score is very often a measure of a higher level of painfulness for the rest of us. Higher scores can […]

Data for iPhone in NZ: the summary charts

Looking to actually use your iPhone as intended? Then you’ll need data, and l0ts of it, especially if you want to abandon the mobile data sticks and tether your phone to your computer when travelling. I’ve run the numbers from all three major suppliers, and assumed that you’d buy the best deal, and that you […]

Let’s make New Zealand the 1 percent

The posts at WeAreThe99Percent are sobering, shocking. They are some of people caught in the downward spiral of the US economy, but in reality it’s been happening for years as the split between the wealthy and the ‘middle class’ gets increasingly large. The stories are of cripplingly high health care costs that destroy families, of […]

10 ways to stop the cyclist killings

It’s madness.  The recent spate of bicycle deaths is no doubt partially caused by the nicer weather and people getting out there on their bikes. But the families and friends left behind and all of the rest of us have cause to be angry, as the deaths were arguably caused by known hazards that did […]

An open letter to Vodafone Group from New Zealand

Dear Vodafone Group We don’t yet have the Kindle available in New Zealand, and I suspect that you are the folks to talk to. You see I’m pretty sure the folks at Vodafone New Zealand would love us to have the Kindle down here – after all we surely rank ahead of East Timor and […]

NBR’s performance since the subscription wall was built

Back in mid July the NBR decided to put a chunk of their content behind a subscription wall. I was one of many amateur untrained unqualified bloggers that not only objected to being characterised as such, but was pretty scathing about the decision to lock away the content. NBR in turn referred I guessed to […]

Chanui Pure Ceylon 120 Value Pack

We’ve just launched a new range of tea at Chanui – and it is pretty interesting. (Well it is for me anyway.) Chanui sells a range of premium teas across supermarkets in New Zealand. We have seen plenty of response from competitors when we came in above them in quality, but this time we decided […]

NZ Magazine Readership numbers

The Roy Morgan newspaper and magazine readership numbers are out. I created some charts to read the Magazine numbers better – so here they are. They show the differences between 2007/8 and 2008/9 readership numbers. Click on the images for larger versions. Check out the Newspaper readership charts post as well. It’s a sea of […]

Weatherston Guilty of murder – before jury returns

Complete with quotes from the family – here is, via Google,  premature article from The Press on Weatherston’s guilty murder verdict. (Hat Tip to @rachel_a) Accidents do happen in the editorial room (I’ve done it myself) and as these things go it’s not a bad one. It was published at 11:45, which was, it seems, […]