Phishing on Twitter

I received this DM from Wellington’s @andrewfantastic this morning:

Given the state of affairs with the NBR and so forth, I clicked on the link – hoping to see a lovely rant.

T’was not to be – instead Safari gave me this:

The URL is and if you click through the warnings then you will see a twitter login screen – albeit with the wrong url.

Checking out Andrew’s Tweet stream we can see that the last few tweets in particular are dodgy as anything – though I always view with suspicion anyone that twitters coherently at 4:34 in the morning:

The lesson is simple – don’t ever type your twitter long/password into another site.

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3 replies on “Phishing on Twitter”

  1. Yes, I got the same from him as well. And that’s why I instantly remove anyone that’s dumb enough to giveaway their Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/LinkedIn password to pseudo-services offering to “fidn more followers” for you.


  2. Seems like this one has been just those direct message phishing things rather than a ‘find more friends’ thing.

    But yeah, use 1password or supergenpass and you avoid most if not all of those.


  3. Yes, I know that. I was making a generic comment about how people enter their private information into any form asking for it, without regards to security, without cheking the URL and so forth.


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