We’ve sold Groupy to Yellow

Below is the press release about the sale of the Groupy assets to Yellow. In short Yellow brings to Groupy the marketing muscle required to expand throughout NZ, while the core Groupy team will hop over to keep things moving at internet speed. Groupy was founded and led by Scott Kitney along with Andrew Hunt. […]

Big data – what will you use it for?

I was speaking to a colleague today in Australia – he was upset that Telstra¬† increased his data plan to 50 GB without changing the price. His point was that he only uses 4 GB per month, but Telstra gave no option for him to reduce his cost by reducing his cap – the next […]

Want to start a new company? We need developers and designers

I’m in search of designers and developers to work on a specific project. It’s going to be in competition with an existing site, so we are keeping the industry under the radar for now. Market The market is one that provides a service or product to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. There is a […]

Kiwibank’s Heaps – personal banking as it should be

I have no idea why it is called heaps, but Kiwibank’s new offering to personal customers looks superb. It really throws down the gauntlet to the other banks. The product lets you semi-automatically categorise your spending, and then track your spending against a budget. It’s the sort of thing previously only available with an aftermarket […]