NZ Newspaper Readership Numbers

More Red Sea – this time the changes in circulation numbers for Newspapers. The charts show the difference in readership between 2007/8 and 2008/9.

Once again these are supplied by Roy Morgan. I’ve put the Sundays, which is once-weekly and not a daily average, into the same charts.

Click on the images for larger versions.

See also the Magazine readership charts

NZ Newspaper pct loss

NZ Newspaper num losses

NZ Newspaper pct gains

NZ Newspaper num gains

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3 replies on “NZ Newspaper Readership Numbers”

  1. I used to buy several newspapers each day back in the days when opinions varied and news culd be presented in different ways.

    But these days, all the larger stories tend to presented the same way….and that way is often found to have been wrong. That may not be for weeks, months or even years…..

    I’m old enough now that I can see Fairfax and APN are essentially propagandising the news in favour of the interests of their advertisers and political party they have chosen to the align themselves with.


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