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The need for sub editing still remains

An article on Stuff with an AAP byline (but not writer’s name) reveals a little about the state of news reporting today. The original article was published in Fairfax’s Melbourne newspaper The Age yesterday – and has an author (Nicole … Continue reading

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NBR’s performance since the subscription wall was built

Back in mid July the NBR decided to put a chunk of their content behind a subscription wall. I was one of many amateur untrained unqualified bloggers that not only objected to being characterised as such, but was pretty scathing … Continue reading

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NZ Newspaper Readership Numbers

More Red Sea – this time the changes in circulation numbers for Newspapers. The charts show the difference in readership between 2007/8 and 2008/9. Once again these are supplied by Roy Morgan. I’ve put the Sundays, which is once-weekly and … Continue reading

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News from afar – patience required

After the comments in the last post I decided to find some numbers behind the Mozambique experience of Stuff and NZHerald. Happily the Stuff website eventually came back up. However the experience is less than stellar. My first test shows … Continue reading

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Bad Stuff, bad Cadbury

Cadbury is already in trouble with New Zealand consumers – so the last thing I expected to see was something else to make me annoyed. First my mouse turned into a paint brush… ..and then the entire page was covered. … Continue reading

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The NBR is in trouble – what should they do?

I’ve been really impressed with the NBR in recent times – their website was going from strength to strength, and their writing was increasingly excellent. I even praised writer Chis Keall, who writes for (but I understand is not employed … Continue reading

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Today’s news is fluffy

The front pages of both Stuff and NZHerald today are a sad indictment of both media in NZ and of what readers want to read. Let’s look at them article by article – and to do so I’ve helpfully colour … Continue reading

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