Chanui Pure Ceylon 120 Value Pack

We’ve just launched a new range of tea at Chanui – and it is pretty interesting. (Well it is for me anyway.)

Chanui sells a range of premium teas across supermarkets in New Zealand. We have seen plenty of response from competitors when we came in above them in quality, but this time we decided to move into their territory.

We are launching the Chanui Pure Ceylon 120 pack of teabags – and we think it is a better quality tea bag for a lower price than out much larger competitors are providing.

It’s a 120 pack, which is 20 larger than the 100 packs of tea bags out there. It turns out tea drinkers like buying tea bags in bulk, and so that’s what we are delivering.

Next, for now at least, it is exclusive to Countdown, Woolworths and Foodtown. This is an unusual thing to do, but Progressive Enterprises approached us and asked for this.

Also – the quality is higher than the tea you get in competitor’s 100 tea-bag packs. Given what has happened in the rest of the tea market in response to us, I would not be surprised if some competitors lift their game in response. You can be sure we will be on to that.

Finally there is the price. We have delivered a quality product for a very sharp price on the shelf. We see great value in trying to be the lowest price provider in these tough times, and while it is tight on our margins it is simply the right thing to do. We can do this because ‘we’ are actually very lean. You won’t find a marketing manager, advertising agency or highly paid management team at Chanui. Come to think of it – I’ve never been paid. Doug?

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  1. Best of luck with the product, seems a great proposition.

    In the UK there is an excellent product – Yorkshire Tea – which they market as tasting great in all water types (i.e. hard water which tastes chalky and is prevalent in UK). It’s a noticeably stronger flavour than the commercial stuff and *feels* like a smaller company than PG Tips et al.

    Hopefully your tea can carve out a niche amongst ‘real tea drinkers’ much like the Yorkshire brand over here.



  2. Great stuff Lance, although with lines like “It’s a 120 pack, which is 20 larger than the 100 packs of tea bags out there.” you may want to consider hiring that marketing manager :)


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