My take on the Apple iPad

Everybody seems to have written about the iPad. So here is my take:

1: I will get one.

2: I’m not sure whether to get the wifi model when it comes out in March in the USA or to wait for the 3G model. Or both.

3: I have an iPhone, and iPod touch, a MacBook Air and a Kindle. The iPad fits in there somewhere – it will be very interesting to see how I use it and what other devices suffer as a result.

and that’t it.

Oh – and yes – this was an important release. Apple transformed the music industry with iTunes, the application and telephony industries with the iPhone, and with this device and its successors and derivatives they will transform the software, OS, movie, written media and book industries.

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3 replies on “My take on the Apple iPad”

  1. I think the iPad will be successful. I think however you should wait till the second version which will undoubtably have more features and be a device that is much more desirable.

    Notably a camera and multitasking. Imagine having skype running in the background while surfing the internet. Then a video call comes through from … your grandma!!! because it will be so easy to use, it will become a device not for the geeks but for those that aren’t geeks.

    This will be the ultimate device for the over 50’s. They will be able to email, they will be able to see what this ‘interweb’ thing is all about, and keep in touch with everyone via voice and video using skype etc.

    Add to that read books and magazines, listen to music (though it needs to link to a squeezebot or home stereo as does the video). Why get them a netbook when they can use this.


  2. I don’t think that the Ipad is going to be as big as the Ipod, etc. It’s an accessory for people who are heavy internet users and/or travellers. I think in that genre it will be big. However, in mainstream…I don’t think it will be a ‘must have’.


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