It’s all about the story – launch progress

Things are going well at – the site that matches the material from professional writers with editors who buy their material. While it is still very early days, we are pleased to have over 130 members and about 100 vetted pieces of content.

You never know which direction sites will go – and we were pleasantly surprised to see several cartoonists sign up early to syndicate their content. Cartoonists you see each day, including Garrick Tremain and Malcolm Evans. We added a cartoon section and expanded the size of pictures just for them.

Our next challenge for us to to get the sales moving. The content on the site is looking pretty good and we are encouraging editors to take a look around and start buying from now.

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5 replies on “It’s all about the story – launch progress”

  1. Very cool concept and the website is groovy. One thing I wonder though, for people want to bug stories, how do they know the quality of the story (whether it worth the money etc) Is there going to be a rating system or some sort of mechanism that helps potential buyers?


  2. Hi Nathan,

    Glad you like the site! Once you are an approved buyer with you can see all the stories in full, along with the profile and previous work of the author, so you can make a decision about suitability before you buy. You can download and start using content you’ve bought immediately too.

    Nice idea about a rating system:interested to hear any more thoughts you have on that.

    Best, Julie


  3. Hey nice site, i like this idea but im not so sure about the fixed price model. Have you investigated using a bidding system for the articles?

    the reason im concerned about the pricing model is that i do not have an equal trust level as i do for ordinary consumer products. Because this is quite a niche site i kind of wonder how the author decides what their content is worth- i.e. do the authors put their work up with a per word charge and do the artists place similar prices on their work as they would in an art gallery?

    it would be good if you made this more clear on the site. Also when you buy exclusive rights for artwork is there an option to pay extra for a canvas delivered?


  4. Hi David,

    You raise an interesting point about fixed prices; it’s something we’re looking at. At the moment authors and illustrators can set prices based on their existing experience in the newspaper and magazine market and we give a rough guideline in the FAQ. I appreciate your point about making that clearer, though.

    And yes, we’re looking at introducing an offer system to help buyers and sellers reach a mutually useful price. Any thoughts you have on what would work for you would be welcome. You can email me, if you like, at julie AT allabouthtestory DOT com.

    Good question about artwork delivery. The answer is… get in touch and we’ll make it happen:)



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