Techday joins the spammers

I received this on Friday from

I didn’t know I had a relationship with Techday and neither was there an address of the sender included. So I clicked the Unsubscribe link and arrived here:

It’s a website that I have never been to before, and I certainly don’t want to login or register.

Now I did get a registration at Netguide a number of years ago (you needed to do so in order to vote for the Netguide awards – my user name was “whyregister”) but I certainly did not recall giving permission to receive spam from Techday, who seem to own Netguide now. Nor do I feel it is right that my login has moved across to the Techday sites. I’ve searched through my old email and see nothing explaining all this.

So  I suggest that the folks there read this and familiarise themselves with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act of 2007.

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5 Responses to Techday joins the spammers

  1. SunsetSam says:

    At the risk of starting a “me too” flood of comments, me too! It is intensely irritating to get these sorts of e-mails, and Netguide should get their act together on this.


  2. mod says:

    Dumb, dumb, dumb. Wouldn’t have happened on Nigel Horrocks watch …


  3. Dylan says:

    NetGuide is a bit shit these days. Pity, since Nigel used to do a damn good job. What happened?


  4. Rob says:

    I too had spam from these guys. Apparently I had entered a competition with Netguide years ago, so I was in their database, but I didn’t think it would give them permission to spam me with a techday newsletter I never agreed to receive. I also thought that after that legislation was introduced, that you had to ‘opt in’.


  5. Jorge says:

    It’s because Shaun that runs Action Media is a crook and a liar. Someone needs to alert the DIA that this is spam with no opt out.

    for those that would like to join me in making some noise about it.


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