Negative political tactics make you look dull

I admire democracy – after all the alternatives are much worse. I also believe that a robust ‘loyal’ opposition is a necessary part of a healthy democracy. But it all falls apart when an opposition chooses vindictiveness and obstruction over constructive opposition and collaboration. Two recent examples: The US Republican party apparently plans to add […]

The YouTube president – the implications

President Obama will address the nation world each week via YouTube. Apparently Stunningly simple. The effect is to remove the filter that the networks and newspapers place on the presidency and political process. It also removes much of their power to control the conversation. Here’s the first one. Traditional US media should be concerned – […]

How not to launch a political blog: “F$%k you”

NZ Left Wing election site 08Wire launched, it seems with an interesting group of backers and is based overseas. It is good to see new discourse emerge, but I see a couple of issues. First, in the launch article they do their best to turn prospective readers off: Some analysis is sensationalized. Like David “cut-and-paste / […]