Telecom Broadband meter is a bit short

Telecom may want to think about upgrading their broadband meter. My Orcon connection (over Chorus cabinetised lines) is a lot faster than their “Extreme!” speed of about 2.5 Megabits/sec. This is, of course, a good problem to have, and a symptom of ever increasing speeds. Fibre to the home will give well over ten times […]

Unleash those cabinets please

A surprising puff piece from Chris Keall in the NBR sings the praises of Telecom’s Chorus Division’s cabinet roll out: The Telecom division is now half way through its government-mandated project to roll-out 3600 roadside fibre optic cable cabinets around neighborhoods nationwide. Each shortens the distance that data has to travel over an older copper […]

Theresa’s blogging fodder

It’s sad and essentially irrelevant any more, but the excerpt (not online) from Theresa Gattung’s book printed in Friday’s Business Herald is beautiful blog and commentator fodder. The book emerges this Friday – and it is certain to have more. Gordon Campbell has had a good go, and of course The Standard is not above […]

Vodafone fails to take advantage of Telecom woes

Good for Vodafone on putting up to try to take advantage of Telecom’s difficulties, but from there it just goes downhill. I’ve annotated their pages. First up the main promo page is pretty cluttered, and I have to say I am really unsure what the offer actually is. It seems Vodafone wants me to […]

How to win customers back – the 4 difficult steps

How long does it take to bring back a customer that has had a series of bad experiences? And what do you need to do to get them back? In Simon Grigg‘s case – about 8 years, and a heck of a lot. Let’s look at the lessons learned, and I’m also going to draw […]

Is Telecom really doing this?

Combine three recent pieces of news: 1: Telecom got fined $500,000 by the Commerce Commission for offering “unlimited data usage and all the internet you can handle”, paying another $8.4m in compensation to customers. The offering was less than unlimited in speed after everybody jumped on board – oh and they were shaping as well. […]

Never buy the warranty: Repairing is cheap

Well done Magnum Mac Wellington My MacBook Pro 17 died on Friday. It failed to restart after running the software upgrade for the magic mouse. I tried the usual tricks (Apple has a good knowledgebase) and then twittered the failure and headed for Magnum Mac, Mac in hand. I’ve been there plenty of times, but […]

Plenty of opportunity with Telecom’s XT bills

With iPhone pricing comparisons all the rage right now, I decided to have a first look at my Telecom XT Bill. I knew this would be entertaining, but despite everything below there is a minor victory, in that I have actually managed to do view the bill online. This is big win versus Telstra and […]

What’s wrong with Telco pricing and how to fix it

Via the tidbits newsgroup an Aussie (amacbell) succinctly points out the problem with Telco pricing: I know of no other industry where you need to prepurchase on the basis of a best guestimate of the volume of units required for the month ahead. If you guess wrong and don’t use all the units you bought […]

The New Zealand iPhone 3G network debacle

The iPhone will dominate the top end of phone sales Even if you are a fan of other platforms, we can all appreciate that Apple has bought new levels of usability to the phone. It’s most obvious in the seamless connection with the App store on iTunes – a system that  makes building, selling and […]

How to twitter if you are a corporation

Twitter, for members of my family and those other 4 people that read blogs and have not yet discovered it, is a microblogging service that has just hit the main stream media. By definition it is therefore passé, but in the meantime we may as well use it well. Examples: How not to twitter. @NZStuff […]