3 replies on “No customers thanks”

  1. Maybe it is a sign they have a good website?

    They have Xero integration after all.

    Not a BNZ customer so cant confirm.


  2. Nah they have a sucky web site/online backing.

    Their super secure card system is SOOO annoying. Have to carry a card on me to use online banking. Biggest pain in the arse ever.

    I just call them on their 0800 everytime I want something and tell their staff why (coz I hate their online system). I dont bank with them except for one account that I have no option.


  3. When was the last time you heard of a BNZ being robbed?
    It’s always an ASB, Kiwibank or National.
    I think if it keeps the staff and customers safe, and makes opportunist robbers think twice, its great.

    @Richard, if you’re telling the call centre staff each time how and why you don’t bank with BNZ… they won’t really care!!! Most normal people will think “Umm… ok thats great, do you want to get off the phone now so I can talk to nice people”


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