Back to Vodafone, sorry Telecom

Another Telecom store experience just now, this time on Queen street. The good news is that they have a SIM cutter that will quickly turn a standard SIM card into a micro-SIM. The bad news is they were reluctant to pull it out of the drawer, and were certainly not taking responsibility for doing the cutting.

Worse yet were the details. It turns out that recharging the pre-pay SIM is done on the Telecom website, and it uses flash to do so. It also turns out that the $29.95 plan is not available on contract – even as an addition to my existing contract. So I decided to move on and use the Vodafone SIM that came with my new iPad 3G.

Yes – I succumbed. And in other news I now have a 32 Gb Wifi iPad for sale.

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  1. Topping up a data device on Telecom is a “known issue”. Even the t-stick is a nightmare to top up. Involving, in many cases, a trip to the store where the telecom employee takes your data sim puts it in a loan phone and calls the top up line.

    I think its improved, but only because you can top up by sms on the t-stick now. That options not yet available to ipad users.

    Top ups are a key moment of contact because money changes hands. Telecom really needs to create an easier way to “Say yes to giving us cash”.


  2. Oh and you can get the 500MB $29 on prepaid or postpaid and postpaid open term.

    i went for the 2GB postpaid so i get the free yahoo pro and flickr accounts.

    would be interested in your experince on Voda – got the SIM sitting here too but so far the speed and experience on XT has been great. getting regular 2+mbps speed tests around central wellington


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